In July 2013, Agility's research released results of an extensive research that surveyed 18 to 35 year old female respondents from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. A total of 560 respondents participated in the online-administered research initiative of Agility Research & Strategy in May-June 2013. As a result of this initiative, Agility Research & Strategy introduces the Affluent Asian Woman Consumer.

Asia's affluent are young and growing. About 50% of them are women who are definitely using money to buy elements of everyday happiness. As the gap between women's and men's income decreases, they are reaping the financial and social gains of a more equitable environment. Young Affluent women are active in the workplace; they have a greater proportion of disposable income and have the financial power to buy luxury and premium brands. The wealth figures go beyond gender equity as Asian women top the list among women entrepreneurs. Woman consumers from China are dominating the purchase of luxury goods while the luxury carmakers in India are chasing the young, female, affluent drivers. With such financial power behind them, the Affluent Asian female has certainly become the quintessential example of the next big consumer segment for brands to focus on. This 35-pager in-depth report focuses on the luxury perceptions, willingness to pay and brands of choice among Affluent Asian Women. (Click here for report details)

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